Welcome to our travel blog!

Welcome to our Travel Log Blog for this summer!  So many of our friends and family have asked us to keep them up to date with what we are doing throughout the summer, so this seems like the perfect way.  We (hope) to keep this up to date with our locations, stories, and pictures!

Rough plans so far…. Lot’s of gaps to fill in and most dates are tentative at this point!

  • Depart PA on Friday, June 14th and head to Liz’s (Alex’s sister-in-law) family lake house in Indiana for the weekend.
  • June 16th – 24th ~ Madison, WI with Alex’s brother A.J. and his wife Liz.
  • June 24 – July 8th – Colorado
  • July 8th – 27th ~ Oregon (Portland, Smith Rock….)
  • July 27th – August 3rd ~ Wind River Range, Wyoming
  • Madison, WI on the way home…. Apostle Islands??

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