Sunday, June 23 – Madison, WI

Our original plan for the day was climbing at Devil’s Lake, but the heavy overnight rain dashed those plans.  So instead, we started the day with a hike at Blue Mound State Park.  We had the muddy trails to ourselves most of the time, which was nice.  We hiked a loop that included two observation towers before heading out to our next destination.

On our way to Governor Dodge State Park, we came across this creature… We were so intrigued we had to back the car up to take a second look…

Cow, Horse, Bull, Chupacabra???

At Governor Dodge, we hiked around the Stephen’s Falls Area.  Again, it was quite muddy, but since A.J. told us it was just a quick and easy hike to the falls, Dave and Alex just wore flip-flops.  After the falls, we decided to hike another trail. Dave soon opted to ditch his flip-flops and hike barefoot.  Alex ditched her’s after one got sucked off her foot and deep into the mud.

The two spring houses we found along the way proved to have VERY cold water… refreshing, exhilarating, and painful!

After doing some research, aka Google image search of “long haired cattle” we decided our mystery creature was not in fact a chupacabra, but a yak!  This has led to further research about yaks, owning yaks, and yakpacking.

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