Monday, June 24th – Colorado Bound!

4:30pm Central Time

After waking up early to say goodbye to Liz before she headed into work for the day, we spent the rest of the morning getting ourselves ready to hit the road again.   

We were now just waiting for a package with Dave’s new climbing harness, and baskets for our hiking poles to arrive.  About 4pm it arrived and we hopped in the car, stopped to give A.J. back his keys we used all week, and say goodbye until August. 

Now, at 4:30pm local time, the GPS says we have about 13 hours and 900 miles ahead of us.
5:30pm Central Time
This is what $0.50 of coffee looks like in Platteville, WI.  Yes… 50 cents for 40 ounces! Awesomeness in a bottle!

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