Thursday, June 27 – Brighton, CO

We had everything set for a day on the rocks… Greg would wake us up on his way out the door at 5:30, gear was organized and packed, hydration bladders were filled, coffee maker was set.  

So much for that plan!  As Alex is brushing her teeth, Dave comes in the bathroom and says “We aren’t climbing today, the car window is smashed, and the gear is gone” (or something pretty close to that!).  Alex had the look of “Are you serious… or is this a joke… I haven’t had coffee yet… and it’s too early for a bad joke like this!”  So without delay Dave says, “I’m not joking… come outside.”

Alas, the gear was gone.  The angry pepper must not have been angry enough to scare off the dastardly thief that struck not only our car, but 6 others in the night.

So instead of a day of fun, the day was spent making phone calls, filling out paperwork, and figuring out exactly what we lost.  

We do have to say, however… renter’s insurance is essential… and having an inventory of all the gear!!!  Having it was the saving grace for us getting ready to climb again this weekend.  

After too much time shopping and the biggest bill we ever had at REI… we had (most of) the essentials to carry on climbing!  Tomorrow, the window gets repaired, a little more gear shopping, packing up, and then we head to the Lost Creek Wilderness (looking like a pair of climbing yuppies with shiny unused gear) to backpack and climb with friend(s) for the weekend.

Time to mark the gear…

Result of “Resupply – Part 1”:

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