Sunday – Monday, July 7th-8th – On the Road to Smith Rock

We left Brighton, CO around 3:00 and began to travel the 17+ hours towards Smith Rock State Park in Oregon.  

Early on, we made a stop at the Sierra Trading Post Outlet Store in Cheyenne, WY.  Sierra Trading Post has awesome deals on outdoors clothing and gear. We were both quite excited to find some good deals on wool baselayers.  You might be thinking we are buying these for cold weather… however, we have discovered that in lightweight form wool is quite awesome in the summer… surprising as that may sound!  It helps keep the intense sun from feeling like it is burning you to a crisp, breathes well, and takes longer to get stinky than synthetics.  Avoiding stink is important when laundry time gets few and far between and time in the car or tent increases!

What eating on the road looks like this year….

We have been trying to avoid eating that standard fast food, and junk food while on the road, and have been doing quite well thanks to stops at grocery stores and keeping a cooler in the car.  Wraps, cheese, hummus, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate have been keeping us happy!  Along with 50 cent ice cream cones from Little America!  And COFFEE!  Especially when it is good… and cheap! 

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