Sunday, July 21st – Seattle, WA

We met up with Teri and Justin, and headed to a neighborhood farmer’s market.  The market was much smaller than the Pike Place Market and was much more easy going and enjoyable.  Something that stands out at these markets is the vast number of beautiful flowers that are quite inexpensive.


After the market and a tasty lunch, we drove around visiting local parks, including a beautiful rose garden.  We also convinced Teri to join us for the next few days as we visit the Pacific Coast and Olympic National Park. Before leaving, we grabbed some coffee and scored two plates full of free baked goods! Along the way, a ferry ride was a necessary mode of transportation!

2013 - 07 - 21 - Seattle

2013 - 07 - 21 - Seattle1

2013 - 07 - 21 - Seattle2

2013 - 07 - 21 - Seattle3 

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