Monday – Tuesday, July 22 – 23 – Olympic National Park

After waking up in Olympic National Park in time to catch the sunrise, we ate some breakfast and did a little walking around the park.

After stopping at the Ranger’s Station, we decided we would take an overnight trip to introduce Teri to backpacking.  The plan was a 20 mile loop from Sol Duc Road Trailhead.  After 9 miles of hiking uphill we arrived at camp.  We set up camp and ate dinner, then Dave settled into to his hammock and Alex and Teri in the tent.

Tuesday morning brought a few more miles of uphill hiking.  Eventually, we broke through tree line and the beautiful sites came into view.  We hiked along the ridge for several miles until the elevation began to drop us down to the river again.

We were stoked to see Teri enjoy her first backpacking trip, and she was quite the trooper, despite all the uphill we made her do!  After having a maulfest back at the car, we headed to Forks, WA, to drop off our bear canister and grab some more food at a grocery store and ice cream at a shop in town.  If we were hardcore Twilight fans, we would have been in heaven, as Forks is the home of Twilight… and has lots of quirky Twilight paraphernalia.

Now, off to the coast!


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