June 12 – 14, 2015 Madison, Wisconsin

Thursday, while Dave had his last day of training for the school year, Alex finished up errands and packing.  We officially hit the road at 2:30 PM, heading towards Madison, WI.  A stop to sleep for a few hours provided us with the energy to finish out the 830 mile drive to AJ and Liz’s (Alex’s brother and sister-in-law) by 7:00 AM.

We missed our annual Wisconsin stop last year, since we flew to Alaska instead of driving cross country.   We were getting to visit AJ and Liz’s new place for the first time.  They are renting an awesome house with easy lake access and along a county bike route.

After napping and running errands, we patiently waited for AJ and Liz to get home from work.  We happened to arrive in Madison at the tail end of “Bike Week.”  Madison and its surrounding suburbs are SUPER bike friendly.  We planned a short 11-mile jaunt around Lake Monona to the Bike Week Celebration that evening.  Despite AJ breaking his bike chain and needing to repair it along the way, we made it to the celebration in time to enjoy free food, free beverages from New Belgium, and free bike tune-ups (which AJ now needed!).

Saturday was originally planned to be a 60-mile day of biking to “Breakfast on the Farm” and various microbreweries around Madison.  The weather, however, altered our plans and instead we drove to Breakfast on the Farm at Kick a Boo Farms.  

After breakfast, we headed to the REI garage sale, with no intentions of looking for anything in particular.  As usually happens at these things, we walked out carrying things.  The big item today was a bigger roof box… a deal we could not pass up!  It’s only issue was it was missing one key… easy thing to fix!

The remainder of the day was spent making pizzas, playing games on the sun porch, drawing on the chalk board tables (Alex), and running (literally) to the local ice cream shop.

Sunday’s weather allowed us to get out for a 40-mile bike ride before Liz had to get back to teach a yoga class.  We made a pit stop at a Brennan’s Market where we feasted on samples of an unbelievable variety of fruits, cheeses and dips.  We left the store with some fruit to snack on immediately, plus filling AJ’s bike panniers with goodies for later.   For the remainder of our ride, two large baguettes stuck out AJ’s panniers, much to our amusement and AJ’s chagrin.  

After returning home, we all showered and feasted once again, before deciding that while Liz was at yoga we would make a 30-mile out and back trip to Capital Brewery… so much for those showers we took! 

After all that biking, homemade burgers was the perfect ending to the night!

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