Wednesday, June 24 – Fresno

After a delicious breakfast sandwich and coffee at Cool Beans in Oakhurst, we headed off to Fresno.  The day was long, waiting around for new brakes to get put on the car, even with an appointment.  One highlight however, was finding an awesome “$0.99 Only Store.”   This store had tons of cheap groceries, many name brand and organic items, that were within a month or two of their expiration date… perfect for us!  We loaded up a cart… an it only cost $59.16!

On our way back to our previous night’s camping spot, we stopped in Oakhurst again, this time a Sugar Pine Gourmet Pizza.  We would highly recommend this place!  The food and people were awesome!  We enjoyed talking with the owner while we waited for our food to be ready.  We enjoyed a delicious wrap while we waited for our pizza.  The wrap had homemade ranch dressing on it… Alex who doesn’t even like ranch went out on a limb to try it and loved it.  We got a huge veggie pizza which would serve as dinner as well as breakfast in the morning before climbing Snake Dike.  After dinner, we sorted and prepared gear so we would be ready to go in the morning.

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