Friday, June 26, 2015 – Rest Day

We woke up sore and stiff after the previous day’s adventure.  We planned to rest and relax for the day.  We parked in the Housekeeping Camp lot, planning to make breakfast (skillet heated left-over pizza!) before showering and doing laundry.  We were super excited to find in the camp store we were able to fill our coffee cups for $1!!!  

After, lazily enjoying the shade of the pine trees near our car, we finally made the move to shower.  The shower felt amazing!  Other than river baths, we hadn’t taken a real shower since the morning we left Wisconsin.  We also were excited to find that laundry was even cheaper to do than at home… $1.25/per washer and $0.25/10mins in the drier!  

After clean-up was complete, we commenced relaxing under the pines, and soon saw Gretchen and Jax making their way to the showers.  After they showered, we all headed over to Yosemite Village for well-deserved ice creams.  We parked ourselves at table inside the building for a few hours to continue relaxing and charging our electronic devices.  

After the four of us parted ways for the evening, we stopped in the Village store for some fruit and beverages before walking along a trail back to our car.  We stopped on a bridge with great views of Yosemite Falls and the surrounding Valley to take some pictures, and enjoy our store purchases.  

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