Saturday, July 25: Prepping for Matthes Crest and Cathedral Peak

Our alarm went off at 6:00AM to rouse us from sleep.  We were happy to awaken to daylight; it made it so much easier to get out of bed.  We needed to head to the Wilderness Center to get in line to pull first-come-first-serve permits to backpack out to the Matthes Crest and Cathedral Lakes area to climb.  Our goal was to climb one of the peaks on Monday, and the other on Tuesday before hiking back out.  When we arrived at the building, there were about a dozen people already in line.  When the ranger came out at 8:00AM, he organized us into groups based on when we were looking to leave, and whether or not we had reservations already.  When we said we were going out to climb Matthes and Cathedral we were psyched to see that put us right behind the people who had reservations.  Apparently, climbers are not counted the same way as regular backpackers since we use cross-country trails off the main trails.

Cathedral Peak

Matthes Crest

After getting our permit and renting bear canisters to store our food while we are out, we headed to Lee Vining to buy food supplies for the trip.  We are currently sitting at the Mobil, getting updated and informed with internet access.  The rest of the day will involve meal planning and shopping, prepping our packs, and hopefully a bit of easy access climbing. A second meal of BBQ and fried food is already planned… we already had breakfast burritos and pancakes at the Mobil!

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