Monday, August 10th – Thursday, August 13th: Las Vegas to Denver

After waking up and packing up the hotel room, we hit the road and headed towards Vegas.  Doug would be flying out the next morning, and we would be heading to Denver, CO, for a few days.

With a food stop along the way, we arrived in Vegas after about 6 hours.

No matter how hungry… we still can’t eat here!

We enjoyed several bags of complimentary hotel popcorn before heading to the outdoor pool and basketball court for the afternoon.   After showers, we headed downstairs to the “manager’s reception” for complimentary dinner and drinks.  Thanks, AJ, for hooking us up with a nice hotel :o)

As evening set in, we headed to the Las Vegas Strip.  Despite the setting sun, the weather was still hot and humid as we walked down the strip, heading to Treasure Island to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere. 

After enjoying the show, we headed back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.  As we drove to the hotel, the temperature outside was still 100 degrees… at midnight!  

The alarm roused us from our sleep on Tuesday morning, Doug took the hotel shuttle to the airport and we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast before we hit the road for Denver.

The day was fairly uneventful, just a long 11+ hour day in the car.  A random bathroom stop in Utah, however, happened to provide us with a nice break from the car.  The Sand Bench View rest stop provided awesome desert views.

As the eight-o-clock hour rolled around, we found ourselves nearing the Hefter’s home in a Denver suburb.  Apparently, not visiting last year through us off, as we found ourselves on the wrong version of their street name wondering why the house numbers were waaaay off.

After catching up with the Hefters, and enjoying one of Greg’s tasty breakfast sandwiches for dinner, we headed to bed for the night.  Wednesday morning, we woke later than we expected, and quickly showered and headed out the door.  We had plans to meet up with our friends Mike and Jenn, for lunch and a tour of the Stranahan’s  Distillary.  Before lunch, however, we needed to find a place to get the oil changed in the car.   After a detour to Starbuck’s to liven up the still sleepy Alex, we dropped off the car at a small local garage, and started walking toward’s Mike and Jenn’s place.  It was about a 3 mile walk, and Mike picked us up along the way.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Racines, while catching up with the pair.

After lunch, we headed to Stranahan’s.  We enjoyed the tour, and found it to be thorough and interesting.  After the tour, Mike had to head to work for a meeting, and we headed to Joyride Brewing with Jenn. After parting ways, we headed back to the Hefter’s to have dinner with them.  

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