Sunday, June 26th – Monday, June 27th: Biking and Hiking


We woke up at 5:30 AM on Sunday to organize biking gear and get some breakfast and coffee in us before heading on our first bike ride in Colorado.  Alex also spent some of this morning time attempting to get the blog started, but instead just got angry at the new computer and problems she was having getting it to work the way she wanted it to.


We were meeting a group of riders in Georgetown, a town about 30 miles away.  The ride was a “Triple Bypass Training Ride” sponsored by Team Evergreen and Optimize Endurance Services.  The route would take us from Georgetown to Keystone by going up and over Loveland Pass, and then return to Georgetown via the same route.  The ride would cover about 55 miles and have over 6,000 feet of elevation gain.  Alex hadn’t fully committed to the ride and was actually quite nervous about riding a pass for the first time.  Luke, despite only arriving in Colorado a few hours earlier and not yet acclimated, was ready to go.  Dave was Dave… excited as always!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.21.50 PM

training group


After lubing our chains and testing our brakes and tire pressures, we were ready to go.  A large group of about 50 had showed up for the ride, and after a few minutes of discussion about the route we were on our way.  Soon, we were out of the town and beginning to climb towards the top of Loveland Pass.  Riding in Colorado was so different than riding at home where hills were short and steep, where here they weren’t as steep but went on fooooooreeeeeeveeeeeeeeer!  Alex, not knowing how far she had remaining to the pass, and not wanting to wreck herself on day one, turned around at 13.5 miles.  Back at the car, she realized she did not have the keys, or anything other than her biking gear, so she decided to hang out near the lake they had parked at.  Two and a half ours later, much of which was spent chasing the limited amount of shade around the car, Dave and Luke showed up.  They both had made the entire ride, and Luke totally crushed it despite all that he had working against him.  Not only did he crush the ride he also mentally pulled Dave through his struggle back up the back side of the pass.  Dave had taken it a bit to fast at the get go, and found himself alternating between biking and stopping as he made his way up the back side of Loveland Pass on the return. 


Dave and Luke



After making our way back to the house in Evergreen and Sam, we showered and headed towards Denver to meet Mike for dinner at great little Thai restaurant, US Thai Cafe.  Our awesome dinner was followed by awesome ice cream at Sweet Cow.  After ice cream, Alex, Dave and Sam headed back to Evergreen, while Luke headed to the airport to pick up Trisha and Wes. 

Monday morning, despite not needing to be up early, we woke around 5AM to a sunny morning.  We spent the morning relaxing and drinking coffee before the crew minus Luke headed off for a 5-mile hike on the Evergreen Trail in Alderfer/Three Sisters Park.  Luke would be working from home that day, as he would a few days each week.  The hike was a pleasant trails shared by hikers, mountain bikers, and horses.  Seeing all the mountain bikers made us wish we could bring ours along too… if only we had a Sprinter van! 



Dave started the hike wearing Wes in his carrier, hoping to allow Trisha some time to acclimate to the altitude.  Wes enjoyed hitting sticks of Dave’s head however, before long Wes only wanted mom.  Once at the top, we stopped to have a snack, and take some pictures before making our way back down to the car.









Back in Evergreen, we relaxed for the afternoon, before Dave and Luke made a trip to the grocery store to get some additional items for dinner.  They returned with LOTS of groceries, and chased the women from the kitchen.  They prepared a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs with side of garlic bread in preparation for our rides up Squaw Pass the following morning.



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