Sunday, July 3rd: Climbing at East Colfax

img_20160703_094624411_27458945594_oDave and Alex wanted to get out climbing, and suggested that if everyone wanted to go the area they had climbed at the other day would be a good location.   There were still some routes for them to get on, and the approach would be an easy one for Trisha and Luke to bring Wes.






The whole group joined in and it was a fantastic day of climbing.  We may have started the day on a 5.10, instead of an easier warm-up…. but its not like that has never happened before!  We spent several hours at the crag, until everyone was sufficiently tired, and then headed back to Evergreen.  Trisha was hungry, maybe on the verge of hangry, and took the initiative to order and pick-up pizzas for dinner.  We rounded out the evening with a long walk around Evergreen Lake, with a stop for ice cream when we popped into town.  The ice cream was definitely not as good as we had the previous day…. but ice cream is still ice cream!

2016-07-03 19.47.40
Is this one too big?
Bad, blinded by the sun selfie attempt!

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