Friday, June 24th – Saturday, June 25th – Vedauwoo, WY

IMG_20160624_074505812We woke on the sleeping platform in the car to a beautiful morning.  We lounged around camp, drinking coffee and eating yogurt and apples.  We began to organize ourselves to go climb, and decided to set up the tent to maintain our camping area while we were away.  We tossed around a few climbing areas, before deciding on climbing at Beehive Buttress, a sport climbing area we first visited during our 2012 trip.  As we began to drive to the crag, we realized storm clouds we closing in, and reconsidered where we wanted to go.  After some consideration, we decided Beehive Buttress was probably in an area far enough away from the storm clouds to allow us some time to climb.





We made our way along the bumpy and rutted dirt roads to the crag, the huffed and puffed along the short approach… oh oxygen, how we miss you when you aren’t as readily available (Vedauwoo sits at over 8,000 feet above sea level).   We worked our way along the wall, running up 5 routes before we retreated from the hot sun.




Back in the car, we drove to a nearby rest area, which happens to be the highest point on I-80.  We cooked up a dinner of buffalo mac-n-cheese on the camp stove, and began to clean up as a thunderstorm began to dump rain and hail to the ground.




Back at camp, we relaxed in the now clear weather, before the winds picked up and we retreated to the tent to nap.  Before settling in for the night we, climbed up some boulders to take in the beautiful landscape as the sun set.


Saturday morning, we packed up camp, and drove to the central park area to climb at the Clam Shell.  As we organized gear, Dave told Alex, “There is some coffee in the Hydroflask growler… it’s not the best… but it’s coffee.”  As Alex took a sip she made a face of disgust…. the coffee was terrible!  It was OLD iced coffee…. from Thursday morning!  EWWW!   Next, Dave handed her the tub of yogurt from the cooler, telling her “it’s not cold, but its not warm either….” and once again, “It’s not the best….” Soon an apple was offered, but that was not quite that fresh either :(  For Alex, this was again, not acceptable food, and she decided she was no longer trusting Dave’s food suggestions and would eat a Lara Bar instead. 

Once at the wall, we ran a few climbs, working on building up not only our slab climbing, but also our general climbing strength.  The last few months our climbing had been lacking due to a series of minor injuries sustained by Dave…. tendonitis from over climbing, bruised rib thanks to Doug, and a jammed finger from basketball.  Our climbing is not where it normally is at the beginning of summer, but the lack of climbing had allowed more time to focus on biking and prepare for Triple Bypass in July.






After climbing, we began to make our way towards our rental house in Evergreen, Colorado.  We made stops at Sierra Trading Post and Chik-fil-a.   We may have gorged a bit and ate a chicken sandwich as well as a 12-piece chicken nugget meal with fries….. each.

Soon after we arrived at the rental house, our friend Mike, stopped by.  We spent some time catching up and making plans to hike and climb over the coming weeks.  After Mike headed out, we stocked up on food at the grocery store, made salads and guacamole for dinner, and waited for our friends Luke and Sam to arrive.   Luke and Same made the drive from home along with Kaiah, Luke and Trisha’s dog.  Trisha, Luke’s wife would be flying in the next day with their son, Wes.  Sam’s boyfriend, Kevin, would be the last of our crew to arrive, he would be flying in on Friday.