Thursday, July 14th: Boulder, CO

We packed up camp Thursday morning to head to Boulder to meet Luke, Trisha and Wes at Avery Brewing Company for a tour.  We planned to get coffee and breakfast along the way.  We found small cafe along I-25 called Owl Canyon Coffee, reviews looked good so we navigated towards it.   The place was cute, coffee and chai was good, service was friendly, but the food landed somewhere between terrible and “OK” depending on who you asked.   Turns out the breakfast burritos and baked goods were made by other small shops in the area…. But then frozen.   Kevin and Sam’s burritos were still cold inside and had strangely colored ham in them, while Alex and Dave’s were warm but not the best veggies burritos they ever had.  Dave’s rating quickly declined from “Ehhh” to terrible as he reminisced on the delicious burrito from a few days early.   Alex held fast that it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst, it was just “OK” despite the calls of craziness from the rest of the group.


Once in Boulder, the group headed to Celestial Seasonings Tea for a tour.  While they waited for their tour to begin they enjoyed endless cups of a wide variety of teas.   Alex and Dave had been on this tour a few years ago, and new there friends would enjoy it as well, especially all the tea samples and the “Peppermint Room.”  Since peppermint is such a strong flavor and scent, the peppermint is stored in its own room in the facility, and standing in the room will definitely clear your sinuses!

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Still a bit early to meet their friends at Avery, the group head to The Rowdy Mermaid to get a growler filled with Kombucha, which is a fermented (but non-alcoholic) tea.  They had a small but inviting tasting room, where we each enjoyed a glass while deciding which on to fill the growler with.

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We then headed to Avery, and waited in their outside seating area for the rest of our group to arrive.  The tour wound up being pretty low on our rating scales, with not much to see from our overhead walkway or excitement from our guide.  Avery, however, did redeem itself with a delicious dinner!

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After dinner we headed back to Evergreen to get ready for our early morning wake-up call to hike two fourteeners (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation).

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