June 19th – June 20th: The Badlands, Wall, Rapid City and Custer State Park


Monday, June 19th: The Badlands


  • Leave AJ & Liz’s around 7am (after jumping the car…. Oops….) and head to The Badlands.
  • Hike several short trails.
  • See many goats and bison along the road through the park.
  • Camp at Sage Creek Campground
    • free primitive campground
    • tent area surrounded by prairies of bison and prairie dogs

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Tuesday, June 20th: Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park

  • Talk with camp neighbors in the morning exchanging travel tips (they have a traveling cat!)
  • Head towards Black HillsIMG_20170620_064140619

IMG_20170620_072126889_HDR IMG_20170620_074128567 IMG_20170620_080533111

  • Stop in Wall and visit Wall Drug
  • Pick up miscellaneous gear at a shop in Rapid City and see “Art Alley”
  • Facebook comment prompts a visit to Custer State Park… which prompts a visit to Wind Cave National Park
  • Luck day! Arrive in time for “Wild Cave Tour” AND there are spots open for us.
    • 4 hour guided tour of Wind Cave
    • Group of 8 plus a guide crawling and climbing through the cave by headlamp.
    • This cave is HUGE, so we only see a very small portion of it.
    • No cameras, so no pictures! :(
    • Definitely worth $30/person!

IMG_20170620_085222549_HDR IMG_20170620_085302736IMG_20170620_091720024_HDR IMG_20170620_103701655

  • Head to Custer State Park and drive along the Wildlife Loop road.
  • Animals seen: TONS of bison, white tail deed, prong horn deer, and the “begging burros”
  • People were walking over to the burros to pet them and feed them carrots.
    • Even though Alex has a mild obsession and wants a miniature donkey, she restrained herself from partaking.
  • After seeing a biker struggling several times over the last few hours, we stop and ask if he needs anything… food, water, a ride…
    • He takes the offer for a ride to his car, so we make some room for him to “sit” and get his bike on the bike rack and strap Dave’s to the back of the car.
    • We see his friend riding ahead and we stop to talk to him and get their car keys.
    • Driving, driving, driving… WOW! he had a while to ride yet!
  • Spend the night near French Creek trail.

IMG_20170620_180840 IMG_20170620_115836079 IMG_20170620_175324557 IMG_20170620_180355061_HDR IMG_20170620_180624931 IMG_20170620_183617060_HDR IMG_20170620_183844662_HDR IMG_20170620_184033727 IMG_20170620_184057391 IMG_20170620_200213963 IMG_20170620_202430865_HDR

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