June 3rd – June 19th: Trainings and the Start of Summer

2017 - 06 - 04 - Ride with AJ and Quinn

Note: We are taking a break from longer posts this year and are keeping it simple summaries and pictures.  :o)

The start of summer was more chaotic then normal with both Alex and Dave having to travel for trainings for work and ultimately ending up with AJ, Liz and Quinn outside of Madison, WI.  As usual this involved bike riding, game playing and pizza making.

2017 - 06 - 04 - Ride with AJ and Quinn IMG_20170614_061131031 IMG_20170615_121642454

IMG_20170603_181808064_HDR IMG_20170604_095600221_HDR IMG_20170610_195757562 IMG_20170614_061105849 IMG_20170614_064309487_HDR IMG_20170616_104221908

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