Wednesday, June 21st – Thursday, June 22nd: Mount Rushmore and Climbing at Wrinkled Rock


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Wednesday, June 21st: Mount Rushmore and Climbing at Wrinkled Rock

  • Breakfast, pack-up, then drive to Custer for coffee
  • Visit to Mount Rushmore
  • Set-up camp at Wrinkled Rock Climbing area
    • great little camp area
    • FREE
    • Short trail from parking lot to climbing areas

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  • After a big lunch and lounging in our hammocks, we headed out to climb at “Shipyard Rock” in “South Seas”
    • Walked way too far and had to walk back down the road only to realize the climbing area had a trail from our camping area.
    • Met Frank from “Frank and the Tower” without realizing who he was but knowing he seemed really familiar.
    • Climbed:
    • Shipyard Rock
      • Surging Waves (5.7)
      • Waves (5.8) – pitch 2
    • Hornets Nest
      • Second Hand Rose Arete (5.6) – long climb at 155 feet

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  • We relax at camp before returning to Mount Rushmore for the lighting ceremony which included any members of them military being invited to the stage area prior to the lowering of the flag at the end of the ceremony.


Thursday, June 22nd: Climbing at Wrinkled Rock

  • Morning of sport climbing in very pleasant weather
    • Shark Breathe (5.7)
    • Shark Bite (5.8)
    • Way too Cold for My Asspen (5.9)
    • Dirty Ernie (5.7)
  • Pack of camp and drive to Spearfish, SD, where AJ and Liz have given us a hotel stay they wouldn’t get to use!  WOOHOO for showers and comfy beds!
  • Delicious dinner at Bucky’s BBQ

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